Microwave Oven Faults/Troubleshooting

Ovens with digital screens not only have the ability to set timers and precise oven temperatures, but the displays also showcase error codes when a malfunction occurs. Ovens will refer to error codes as either fault codes or error codes. The terms are interchangeable with each other. Error codes are not always a reason to panic and purchase a new appliance.

Learn about some of the most common error codes you will come across, what the codes may look like, and what steps to take after the code appears. 

Power Failure Codes

One of the more common errors is a power failure code. When the power goes out or goes through a surge, your oven may display the error code. The codes vary and depend on the manufacturer, but they include F9.

Sometimes the error may appear if a plug is loose and the oven does not receive full power. To clear the error, unplug the oven for at least 30 seconds. Once you plug the oven back in, the code will reset and disappear. Begin full oven operation again.

If the code persists without any power outages, then an appliance repair specialist will do a full inspection of the oven. The power cord or supply could have issues. Replacement of the power supply will correct the problem.

Temperature Sensor Errors/Not Heating food

Temperature regulation is a crucial part of oven operations. A temperature sensor reads the temperature in the oven to regulate and ensure the oven only heats up to the set temperature. The temperature errors are typically some of the lower numbered errors. For example, an oven may display an F2 error for higher oven temperatures. 

The errors will vary and depend on the sensor issue. For example, some errors refer to the temperature sensor reading high temperatures. Others refer to low temperatures. When the errors appear, the oven's temperature sensor may need a replacement.

If you ignore this type of error and continue to use the oven as normal, foods will not cook properly and the oven may shut off in the middle of cooking. A temperature sensor replacement will help calibrate the oven and cook food properly.

Touch Pad Errors/Not working button

The touch pad not only shows error codes, but may be the source of errors as well. When a touchpad malfunctions, buttons may not work and the oven settings cannot be changed. The fault codes for a touchpad error will typically include letters only. 

You may try to unplug the oven and plug the appliance back in to check if the error clears. Sometimes a glitch will occur and a reset helps. If the error persists, you need to replace the touch pad. An appliance technician will replace the touch pad and determine what caused the problem to help prevent similar problems in the future.

Lock Errors

To help protect adults and children from burns, many ovens feature oven door locks. When the wiring or signals built into the locks malfunction, you will see a lock error code. Some ovens may spell out the error code with an example like LOC. Others may use higher numbered codes like F9. 

If the lock malfunctions, you do not want to leave food stuck in the oven. Turn the oven off and contact an appliance repair company to help unlock the oven. You do not want to jam any items in the oven door because you may cause more damage.

A repair of the oven lock will ensure the oven is fully operational and the lock doesn't jam up.

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